Archived Nostalgia From the Electronic Supper Club

The Electronic Supper Club, founded in 2012, was a collective made up of artists, designers, photographers, and tech enthusiasts broadcasting exceptional underground music and art-based programming over the internet. The Electronic Supper Club was based in The North. It's such a shame it's no longer around. When the Electronic Supper Club was at its peak, it was an exciting scene. I remember one evening after a show, we were all sitting around when someone mentioned an intriguing software they had recently discovered called Miami Suite. We all thought it was a part of the new wave of software tools primarily developed for tech enthusiasts. Turns out that Miami Suite was closely related to the Visual FoxPro language, a part of a renowned software group whose specialty is database management. Some of us who dabble in software are familiar with other products from this software group, like Box25 or BlackDiamond. With the looming obsolescence, and coming need of a Visual FoxPro replacement, we explored Miami Suite's features until the wee hours of the morning, hoping it could be the much-needed replacement. Diving into software after the shows soon became a routine for about half a dozen of us. Then, there was the time we faced a challenge with a group of cleaners we had hired for the club. Without thoroughly vetting them, we ended up with a host of issues. After a week of their "cleaning", we discovered problems like smelly restrooms, sticky surfaces, and unexpected creepy crawlies. What were these cleaners thinking? One patron approached me, absolutely furious about the unsanitary conditions, threatening to escalate the matter. We realized the urgency. I quickly searched for quality janitorial supplies, surprised by the variety available. Armed with a plethora of wet wipes and powerful germicidal cleaning agents, we took matters into our own hands. Obviously, the cleaners were let go, and a new team was brought on board immediately. I, along with our rightfully upset patron, supervised the inaugural cleaning session. Even though I was out of my element, this wonderful lady knew precisely what needed to be done. And just like that, our club was sparkling clean. Recognizing her talent, we hired this detail-oriented patron to oversee the club's maintenance, ensuring its cleanliness from that point forward. Those were indeed the days, filled with cherished memories and lessons learned.

Take a nostalgic stroll through our now longer active site. Relive the good old days when we presented some of the most exciting music around.
Content is from the site's archived pages.

If you wanted an invite to one of our nights, all you had to do was fill in the invite form here: Alas only sulky ghosts remain.
Remember how we would admonish you to tell us who you are and where you're from. If you don't it will only take longer to sort. Cheers to the memories of all those great shows!!


What We Loved

Shaun Bloodworth -  Sonar 12
An excellent video from Shaun Bloodworth who’s onde of the key conspirators behind eSC. Check out more of his work at


Cosey Fanni Tutti is one of our favorite artists at eSC towers. Watch this video and find out why we’re such big fans of her work.


It’s pretty hard to argue with the wisdom of this, Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

Anyone who’s got 50 ideas for SoYo gets our vote any day of the week!

This exhibition explored 50 ideas for making Sheffield an even better place to live, including self-build housing, off-grid living and innovative new uses for some famous city landmarks.

Every year, the University of Sheffield’s School of Architecture carries out projects in the city, working with communities to explore new approaches to urban development. 50 Ideas brings ten years of those projects together in one place.

Passionate, positive, sometimes controversial, 50 Ideas will get people talking.

SKINN is a not-for-profit development agency for Shalesmoor, Kelham Island and Neepsend areas. It was founded by University of Sheffield architecture graduates Ivan Rabodzeenko and Jekaterina Porohina.

Dr Cristina Cerulli is a lecturer at the University’s School of Architecture. Her research interests include social enterprise and sustainable housing. Cristina is also a director of Studio Polpo, a non-profit architecture agency. Much of Cristina’s teaching, research and practice focuses on community projects in Sheffield.


Live urban robotic art is brought to you by artist Mattias Jones and robotic devices developed by the University of Sheffield. Watch the live production of a massive scale mural painted by robots. You can also listen to the amplified sounds the robots make as they goes about the task of creating the artwork. Big fans of Matt’s work at eSC towers!

Project Longarm presents : Mind Out.

For the Festival of the Mind this September, a small army of robots will complete an installation in one unbroken line.

The University of Sheffield has teamed its leading academic researchers with the city’s visual artists, poets and musicians to help bring complex research out of the libraries and laboratories to reach a wider, more public audience.
One such collaboration will see a massive scale mural painted by robots that will speed around their opus, mirroring the way that bees buzz about in nature.In nature, bees obliviously solve the ‘Travelling Salesman’s Problem’, always taking the shortest route from flower to flower in their pursuit of nectar.Based on these flight patterns, artist Mattias Jones and psychologist Dr. Tom Stafford have teamed up with computer coder and Berlin based record producer Tom Whiston, and Sheffield engineer James Folkes to create a mathematical formula that will allow two robots to behave in the same way.

The algorithm, which will mean the robots work in the quickest, most efficient way possible, will allow them to paint a giant, 16-foot squared mural of the Sheffield landscape in less than a week.

Dr. Stafford estimates that asking two humans to carry out exactly the same task would take at least a month.

Those curious to see the robots working on their highly sophisticated, ‘join the dots’ drawing will even be able to walk between them as they produce their art piece.


Nanoscientist Jonathan Howse and artist Mark Fell collaborate on an art installation that uses a high power optical microscope to track the movement of nanoparticles, producing synthetic sound which is played back over a series of loudspeakers.
Date: Friday 21-Sunday 30 September
Time: 12pm-5pm
Location: Creative Arts Development Space (CADS)
Cost: FREE 


Sometimes it feels like your whole life has been a constant flow of people saying NO and YOU CAN’T, at eSC we’ve never accepted that and go for what we want without fucking other people over, it’s that fighting spirit that keeps us heading to the next goal, it’s not just the points of journey, sometimes it’s the journey itself that holds the greatest value. Sarah at Rinse explains this beautifully in a battle against all the odds, Sarah, Rinse, We Salute You.


David Byrne and neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, author of This Is Your Brain on Music, discuss the inner workings of music. Byrne’s new book, How Music Works, is an absolute must-read.


Captured live at the legendary temple of techno Berghain, Black Dog treat Berlin to some pure Sheffield steel


Big things in the air for Walter and with good reason, DJ, label owner and producer, releases on Ninja, R8 and GM, he’s making waves with lots of BASS! You’ll be hearing a lot more about him in the future and that’s a promise.

It was only a matter of time before we got Sheffield Bleep down, another fellow SoYo Music Worker! If his name doesn’t give you a clue then we can’t help but when he’s not DJing he’s also running Future Music and his new label Central Processing Unit – just more proof that SoYo is taking over!

Cellar Dweller or Ben to his Mam was one of the first supporters of eSC before it had even started, he encouraged us and gave us an early write up in Now Then magazine but he also happens to be a great DJ and part of the Sheffield Techno Institute who’ve been bringing some of the best techno nights to Sheffield, you should support them, we do.

When we started eSC Geiom was one of the first names to go on our “wants” list, amazing producer and DJ that moves across genres like true pro wanting to push things forward all the time. Watch out for his new 12″s and album that’s about to drop real soon.

Beneath makes music like the sound of SoYo collapsing in on itself: dark, twisted but with hope and drive. We went mad for his No Symbol releases, minimal darkness at its very best and so well produced. Big things people, big things!

Brilliant opening set from Jack for episode 006 of eSC, he’s put a lot of work into supporting the scene in SoYo and who can blame him, there’s some mad decent talent up here. Check out the links below for his latest happenings.

Chris Duckenfield is an absolute SoYo legend with a history that stretches from the early party scene in Sheffield to running a vinyl distribution company, All Ears, in 2012. Watching him at work is a really treat and well as a wallet emptier as you feel the need to own every track he’s dropped. Spotters beware!

Andy H has some of the maddest skillz in SoYo but what else would expect from a DMC 2008 finalist! When he’s not working on remixes and his own productions he’s dropping Hip Hop and DnB bombs to a packed house at The Tuesday Club, stay tuned for more action with Andy H and hook ups with The Tuesday Club.

Strictly no messing about! Carl lands at eSC and he’s on the 1′s and 2′s mashing up old and new techno quicker than Mills! Always loved his mixing style and releases, make sure you check his tunes

Our history with Grievous Angel goes way back “to the day”, he’s a collaborator and instigator of garage, 2 step and UK funky. He’s been dropping releases on his own label (Devotional Dubz) as well as Electrik Dragon and Blackdown’s Keysound. Thing about Grievous is it’s never what you expect!